The Plant Life Chose me!

Most of you know me as Kat, that "crazy plant lady" that hides behind all her plants and for those of you who knew me already, know I was crazy before the plant obsession began 😂 

It might surprise you to learn, I haven't always been a "plantaholic".
In fact up until 3 years ago the only greenery in my house was plastic.
And I'm not talking the realistic faux plants that swarm the shop shelves now. No these were plastic dust collectors you could spot as a fake from a mile away.

My love for plants all started with my Fibromyalgia diagnosis - An invisible chronic disease causing debilitating fatigue and wide spread pain throughout the entire body.

I've always been a very active person, I enjoy staying fit and keeping busy. I'm a doer by nature, so stopping to take time for myself has always been one of my greatest weaknesses. I was in my mid twenties when my body started to change and by my late twenties my body couldn't keep up anymore and finally said enough is enough.

Not only did I have the physical symptoms to manage on a daily basis, I had to make a lot of changes to how I lived my life and my future aspirations. Unfortunately this involved giving up a lot of things I loved and enjoyed.

I'd recently completed my Personal Trainer certification and could no longer pursue my dream career in fitness. I had to cut back hours at the job I did have and even then, I struggled to maintain the part-time hours I had. I couldn't make or keep social commitments which lead to my friendship circle getting smaller and smaller. Naturally I felt incredibly isolated, lost and deeply depressed.

Whist I've never been one for slowing things down and trying meditation or yoga I knew my body needed some form of relaxation and RnR... and lucky for me that turned out to be the wonderful world of plants 😍

Discovering my love for plants has been such a life changing experience!

I first began growing and arranging succulents as a form of relaxation. It was an activity which allowed me to feel like I was still “keeping busy” without too much strain on my body and allowed me to disconnect from technology and the hustle and bustle of the outside world for hours on end. I loved getting my hands dirty and breathing in the fresh air while soaking up some vitamin D. From time to time I experience flare ups, but succulents are so forgiving I find the more I neglect them the better they grow!

Eventually the plants completely took over the entire household (fridge and shower included), but my desire to keep creating and hunting for pots only grew. To make room for more I placed a few for sale on the local Facebook community pages, and Kat's Living Gifts was born.

To many it might not seem like much, but to me this discovery as given me a new lease on life. It's given me everything back I thought I had lost. A renewed sense of purpose, enjoyment, a livelihood, something to contribute and way to connect with other plant lovers alike and make new friends (and WOW have you guys been all so incredibly warming and welcoming!). Working with plants brings me SO much joy and happiness, that I like to believe each and every pot brings a little of that love and joy into your homes, from mine to yours.

Whilst I can't climb mountain's figuratively speaking, for me KLG is all about making the most out of life and the circumstances your in. Focusing on what I can do and that's creating small things with a whole lot of love. With your continuing love and support KLG only keeps on growing and I simply cannot thank you all enough for sharing in this journey with me.

"If something has the magic to make your average day more beautiful, then its absolutely worth doing, pursuing or having."

Forever thankful & grateful 💚✨

Kat xx