Grafted Cacti | Assorted 7cm

Grafted Cacti | Assorted 7cm

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Grafted cacti are colourful and low-maintenance plants that can add colour to your garden or home décor. 

What is a Grafted Cactus?

A grafted cactus is simply one cactus plant formed from two different species of cacti being fused together. Grafting makes it possible for two species of cactus to thrive by combining the top cactus (a Albino Cacti) with green cacti bottoms (referred to as the rootstock). The rootstock shares its chlorophyll with the colourful Albino, allowing it to perform photosynthesis and survive - Albino Cacti do not grow well on their own and must be grafted to a green cactus to grow.

Grafts are best indoors in a well lit position or outdoors under cover. Water only when dry and sparingly if indoors. Keep dry in winter. Fertilise once in spring and summer.