Philodendron Brasil | 100mm
Philodendron Brasil | 100mm

Philodendron Brasil | 100mm

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The Philodendron Brasil is a fast growing, trailing philodendron with dark green glossy heart shaped leaves with a distinct lime green or yellow stripe in the centre. It is a beautiful plant to put in a hanging planter/ macrame hanger thanks to its long, trailing vine. Like most philodendrons, this one is easy to grow, can tolerate low light levels and requires minimal watering.

growth CARE LEVEL  Easy
water WATER - Allow soil to dry between watering
- Keep soil well drained
- Liquid feed during warmer months
    sun LIGHT

    ✓ Bright Indirect Light

    ✓ Low Light tolerant * 

    size PLANT SIZE Trailing / Climbing 
    pet PET FRIENDLY  No

    *These indoor plants can tolerate lower light conditions, but thrive in moderate to bright indirect light.