Scindapsus 'Mega Satin' | 130mm

Scindapsus 'Mega Satin' | 130mm

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Scindapsus Mega Satin is the large leaf form of the popular Pictus Exotica. With huge heart shaped leaves, deep green with silver grey splashes, the heart shaped leaves have a satin sheen, being velvety to touch. An eye catching climbing perfect for moss poles or for hanging baskets.

    growth CARE LEVEL  Easy
    water WATER - Allow soil to dry between watering
    - Keep soil well drained
    - Liquid feed during warmer months
    sun LIGHT

    ✓ Bright Light ✓ Filtered Light ✓ Low Light tolerant * 

    size PLANT SIZE  Trailing / Climbing 
    pet PET FRIENDLY  No

    *These indoor plants can tolerate lower light conditions, but thrive in moderate to bright indirect light.