Calathea Makoyana | 130mm
Calathea Makoyana | 130mm

Calathea Makoyana | 130mm

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Evergreen, clump forming foliage plant with striking leaves that are pale green with dark green markings on the foliage with reddish purple markings underneath. Each leaf has very fine lines running from the central vein in a V-shape to the leaf edges, along with elliptic patches of dark green on the upper surface and deep maroon on the underside. The new leaves are rolled up when they emerge and are pinkish-red on the undersides.

    growth CARE LEVEL  Medium
    water WATER - Allow soil to dry between watering
    - Keep soil well drained
    - Liquid feed during warmer months
    sun LIGHT

    ✓ Bright to Moderate Indirect Light

    ✓ Low Light tolerant * 

    size PLANT SIZE  Up to 30cm
    pet PET FRIENDLY  Yes

    *These indoor plants can tolerate lower light conditions, but thrive in moderate to bright indirect light.