Indoor Premium Potting Mix 3L
Indoor Premium Potting Mix 3L

Indoor Premium Potting Mix 3L

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Tried, tested, and tested again, our potting mix is a sure staple for those quick potting jobs around the house!

The Home Plant Co premium grade potting mix is specifically formulated for indoor plants from a variety of different continents, using only the highest quality of ingredients - An environmentally sustainable, open organic substrate containing perlite, controlled release fertiliser, zeolite, primary and trace elements.

This particular mix is very open allowing excellent airflow and drainage whilst also holding onto ample amount of moisture. Having a decisive mix like this, reduces the issues with fungal diseases.  It allows the mix to be moist enough to reduce it drying out in warmer conditions making this balance vital for growing indoor varieties.

Reduce the chances of over-watering! The graded coir and media carefully selected are able to hold onto the right amount of moisture. This ideal combination will guarantee your indoor plants are always looking happy and healthy, making your home an idyllic haven.

  • 100% Recyclable packaging 
  • Made in Australia